Hourly Rates

Solicitor Partners

£350.00 / Hour + VAT
Solicitor Partner:
Bahman Rashidi
Solicitor Advocate:
Michael Levy
Solicitor Advocate:
Claire Farrell
Solicitor Advocate:
Harold Rosenblum

Trainee Solicitors

£180.00/ Hour + VAT
Amna Ijaz
Isha Yaqub

Consultants and Conveyancers

£180.00/ Hour + VAT
Joey Yu,
Debbie Yu,
Mo Torkian
Immisol Solicitors is a premier law firm specializing in business and property law, with deep roots in London and Manchester. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing tailored legal services that not only respect the law but also understand the business implications for our clients. At Immisol, we believe that effective legal advice is a pivotal tool for business success.