Company Law and Corporate Governance


At Immisol Solicitors, we provide expert legal services focused on Company Law and Corporate Governance. Our team advises a broad spectrum of clients, from small startups to multinational corporations, ensuring that they operate within the legal frameworks essential for corporate success and integrity. We specialize in advising on best practices, ensuring compliance with corporate laws, and helping companies navigate the complex responsibilities of corporate governance.

Our Services

Company Formation and Structuring
We guide clients through the entire process of company formation, including the selection of appropriate corporate forms, drafting of articles of association, and registration processes. We also advise on the structuring or restructuring of corporate groups to optimize operational efficiency and legal compliance.
Corporate Compliance and Advisory
Our services extend to ongoing corporate compliance, ensuring that our clients meet all statutory obligations under corporate law. This includes the preparation and filing of annual returns, maintenance of statutory books, and compliance with all disclosure requirements.
Corporate Governance
We advise boards of directors and senior management on their duties and responsibilities, helping them to implement robust governance frameworks. Our guidance covers everything from director duties and liabilities to shareholder relations and corporate policy development.
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Our firm offers comprehensive support in M&A transactions, including due diligence, negotiation of terms, drafting of transaction documents, and post-merger integration advice. We ensure that the M&A processes are seamless and add value to your business.
Shareholder Agreements and Disputes
We draft and review shareholder agreements to ensure clarity and fairness in the rights and obligations of shareholders. Additionally, we represent clients in shareholder disputes, offering both litigation support and dispute resolution services to protect their interests.
Immisol Solicitors is a premier law firm specializing in business and property law, with deep roots in London and Manchester. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing tailored legal services that not only respect the law but also understand the business implications for our clients. At Immisol, we believe that effective legal advice is a pivotal tool for business success.